Minibloc EPX Portable Range


  • High Frequency portable x-ray generator available in a
    range of outputs
  • Ultra light & compact
  • High resolution imaging at lower dosages



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Minibloc EPX-1600 Specifications

  • Max Output: 1.6kW
  • Generator Frequency: 100kHz
  • kV Range: 40-90kV
  • mA Range: 12-30mA
  • Weight: 6.8kg

Minibloc EPX-2400 Specifications

  • Max Output: 2.4kW
  • Generator Frequency: 70kHz
  • kV Range: 40-1000kV
  • mA Range: 16-40mA
  • Weight: 11kg

Minibloc EPX-3200 Specifications

  • Max Output: 3.2kW
  • Generator Frequency: 70kHz
  • kV Range: 40-100kV
  • mA Range: 25-60mA
  • Weight: 12kg

Minibloc EPX-5000 Specifications

  • Max Output: 5kW
  • Generator Frequency: 70kHz
  • kV Range: 50-110kV
  • mA Range: 20-100mA
  • Weight: 12kg

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