Film & Chemicals

Photon High Contrast X-ray Film

  • HDC-G (Green) or HDC-UVB (blue) sensitive x-ray film available in a range of sizes from 13 x 18cm to 35 x 43cm.  High quality film that produces sharp images but at very competitive prices.

Dental Film

  • We sell Kodak Insight & Kodak Ultraspeed dental film in sizes 0, 2 and 4.  We also sell Eco30 self-developing x-ray film in boxes of 15 or 50.

Concentrated Chemicals

  • Champion Devalex 153 Developer Concentrate, 6 x 2.5L
  • Champion Fixaplus 354 Concentrate Fixer, 6 x 2.5L
  • Champion XD2 Concentrate Developer, makes 2 x 20L
  • Champion XF2 Fixer (Ultra low Sulphur Dioxide) Makes 2 x 20 Litres

Ready-To-Use Chemicals

  • Champion RG Developer 2 x 5 Litres, Ready to use
  • Champion RG Fixer 2 x 5 Litres, Ready to use
  • Champion Naturecare Fixer and Developer, 2 x 5L (Concentrate). The cleanest most environmentally safe fixer and developer on the market.

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