Photon Imaging Systems Ltd is continually developing and expanding its product range in line with changing trends, emerging technologies and clients requirements and expectations.

By working with both large multinational organisations and independent manufacturers we are able to offer top quality, tried and tested products.

Xray Systems

We supply a complete range of x-ray units from portable machines, either mains or battery powered, to high output High Frequency generators. These units can be supplied as stand-alone units, wall mounted or configured with an x-ray table.

Surgical Equipment


Designed to perform delicate bone surgeries for superior osseous surgery

Unmatched performance for more accurate, faster and atraumatic surgical procedures

Significantly less pain, swelling and complications

Soft tissues are preserved

Fine and consistent cut on all types of bone

Stable irrigation flow with cavitation spray for hemostatic effect

Smooth and effortless cut

*New veterinary brochure coming soon

Processing – Digital & Conventional

For acquiring and viewing images, we offer conventional automatic wet processors and digital acquisition with both CR and DR options.

We have many years’ experience of conventional processing and whilst we supply and install complete new systems, we carry a large number of parts for older units and can supply or fit these as well.

Our DR digital solutions are available as both wireless and wired options to suit any application. The systems come with automatic exposure control meaning no cable integration into your x-ray generator. The solutions can be installed as stand-alone units or configured to be imbedded into our x-ray table solutions. 

Our CR solutions offer a complete range of imaging plates and a simple user interface.

With all our digital solutions we can offer local image storage, practice wide availability or viewing of images over a WAN. Options to suit your needs and your budget.


We offer a range of dental imaging products.  These include hand held, wall mounted and portable x-ray generators, digital DR sensors or CR readers as well as a range of dental x-ray films.

Consumables & Accessories

We have a large stock of x-ray consumable products  & accessories including high contrast x-ray film, developing chemistry,  cassettes, screens, grids and grid frames. 

We also sell a range of lead protection apparel including aprons, thyroid protectors and gloves and positioning aids including loose fill sandbags and foam wedges in a choice of coverings.

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Surgical Equipment

Digital Systems

X-Ray Generators

Automatic Film Processors

Dental Equipment

Film, Chemicals and Accessories